About us

The predecessor of the Kinhdo Group is Kinhdo GmbH, founded in 2007 in the port city of Hamburg. Kinhdo GmbH specializes in wholesale and retail sales of all consumer and industrial goods. As of 2020, the company expands investments, signed a state agreement with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to become the Kinhdo Group, engaged in manufacturing, importing and exporting goods, energy, real estate and tourism, leading investment group for Asian Groceries in Germany, professionally managed and sustainably developed.

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Our visions

Advising and supporting Vietnamese companies in promoting and promoting the introduction of high quality Vietnamese products on the EU market.

Mediation, support in negotiations and contract signing between Vietnamese and German companies, contribution to the development of trade.

Build a rich source of imported goods from Vietnam at reasonable prices that are qualified to compete with products from other countries.

Brand representation and promotion help Vietnamese goods reach European supermarket chains.

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Import and export of consumer goods

Import and export of industrial products

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